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Interview: Ren Hutchings on Writing Mentorship

Erin Fulmer Writes SFF

I’m about to start a new chapter in my writing journey: becoming a mentor! The application period for Rogue Mentor begins in less than a week on Friday, April 22 —and I’m nervous (and excited) about it. As a first-time mentor, I turned to my Pitch Wars mentor Ren Hutchings to ask “HOW THO?”

Now, I have a special treat to share—this blog’s inaugural interview! Ren graciously answered my burning questions about mentee selection, staying true to the mentee’s vision, and the hardest part of all: letting go. We both got a little emotional over this passing of the torch as I declared her a “grandmentor.”

Ren was a skilled, compassionate, and dedicated mentor for me and my heart book, and is now a dear forever friend. But she is also a professional editor and an amazing writer in her own right. Ren’s debut science fiction novel, Under Fortunate Stars

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Thalia Ishvari is the pen name of a writer from Trinidad and Tobago. She enjoys the usual pursuits of loving life and family. When she is not being a goddess of domesticity and maternal divinity, she's either writing, reading, or wanting to. She has a long list of writers that she cites as influences from Hemingway to Christie to Dorothy Parker. She walked down the aisle to a song from the "How to Train your Dragon" soundtrack and is a classic ambivert.

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